Writings on Her Works

Critical Acclaim for Srutimala Duara’s different collections of stories :

  • “One distinguishing mark of Srutimala is her effective handling of the language for the creation of varied moods and tones…. One specialty in her art of unfolding the theme through scenes and incidents is her method of criss-crossing past and present experiences. Srutimala Duara emerges as an important English writer from Assam….”
  •   'The Sentinel’

  • “She (Srutimala Duara) writes of the world around her, seen, always almost through the eyes of a middle-class urbanite…Her stories are firmly rooted in contemporary reality.”
  •   'The Assam Tribune’

  • “A strong sense of regional fervour of Assam and Assamese is noted in the presentation….”
  •   'The Hindu’

  • “…the stories combine both sensitivity and descriptive skill. The changing lifestyle, the transformation of people, of a place people were once proud to call home, has been brought out in a subtle manner.”
  •   'a.m. plus, Manipal ’

  • ……Srutimala is attempting to see things honestly ridding herself from sentimentality in a notable way. Paradoxes of existence and life’s animating mysteries have encouraged her being. To quote her own lines, “Life goes on as a reverie/with memory betraying memory.” She finds that drifting as strangers we live in dreams curved by the warp of time. In fact, vagaries unfolded by the passage of time have kept her preoccupied at this stage of her poetic venture. She has also written poems on terrorism and corruptions in society….
  •   From the Foreword to Shells of Expressions by Hirenda Nath Dutta