About Srutimala Duara

Dr. Srutimala Duara is a Writer, Academician and a Media person.

Her books in English include three novels, four collections of short stories containing about a hundred stories, two books of poems, a book on the city of Guwahati titled "Mindprints of Guwahati", apart from articles in academic books. "European Rhapsody", a travel book is her recent publication. She has edited "Assam: Myriad Perspectives", brought out by Spectrum Publications on the occasion of the 75th year of Handique Girls ' College.

Her books in Assamese include six story books for children, a collection of short stories and a novel.

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For the Smell of the Bakul

Meenakshi Gautam

» Three novels, a host of short stories, collections of children stories, a book of poetry, a few translations, over 80 radio plays, recitation, stage, almost two decades of announcing on Doordarshan, a film, television serials and if you are getting out of breath and wondering who is the person, you do not have to go far.

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Writings on Her

» “One distinguishing mark of Srutimala is her effective handling of the language for the creation of varied moods and tones…. One specialty in her art of unfolding the theme through scenes and incidents is her method of criss-crossing past and present experiences. Srutimala Duara emerges as an important English writer from Assam….”

  ‘The Sentinel’

» “She (Srutimala Duara) writes of the world around her, seen, always almost through the eyes of a middle-class urbanite…Her stories are firmly rooted in contemporary reality.”

  ‘The Assam Tribune’
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