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Your travel pieces really make an interesting read; the narrative is so vivid, yet so simple - acquainting the discerning reader with the nuances of those picturesque ambiances all over the globe, steeped in culture and history. The 'traveloholic' in you is indeed a robust spirit. Congrats! God bless you.
  Saikh Md Sabah Al-Ahmed
20th June, 2012
my friend asked me to have a look at your web page.And i find it inspirational especially to those who want to make it big in the field of writing and i am no exception.It will be a great source of inspiration for young generation..congratulations...
  Kiara Baruah
21st March, 2012
Brilliant work!! You truly are a versatile personality. Had no idea about the wide spectrum of work you are involved with. Just browsed through the website, but will go through it more closely with time in hand. Congratulations and wish you the very best for all your future works!!!
6th March, 2012
It's a wonderful website. Good coverage of everything that you have done so far. I guess even I didn’t realize the amount of stuff that you did over the years. But this website gives a one glance view of all your successful work. Proud of you, mama!
That's a hell lot of stuff you have done over the years, be it poetry, research papers, short stories, novels, children stories, articles and what not. Go Mama!! ;)
4th March, 2012

congratulations mam....the website is very beautifully decorated n ur motto is too much inspiring one...wish u success in every steps of your life!!!

  Debashree Bhowmik
3rd March, 2012

Liked the site. hope, other Assamese writers will also follow you.

  Utpal Datta
3rd March, 2012

Beautifully created website, as beautiful as every aspect of your personality. So easy to navigate too. You are a true example of 'shakti, the woman'. May you reach greater heights and continue to live and love life to the fullest. Proud to be a cousin!

  Purobi ( Rulie) Das
2nd March, 2012

Congrats ma'am really happy at ur success....The site is vry nicely composed..

2nd March, 2012

Honored to be in association with a multi-faceted persona like U... Its a sheer pleasure and trust me I want to be privileged with the passing times, while you keep raking newer heights!!! Cheerz to your achievements and good luck for the road ahead!

  Sutanuka Ghosh
2nd March, 2012

lovely website of yrs i hv gn thru.......... i knw u since my college days n Manjumala maam ws my teacher. i like yr writing a lot.tonz of luv n gud wishes.

  Mitalee Chaudhry
2nd March, 2012

Beauty and brain go together with you!

  Dr.Nitali B Konwar
2nd March, 2012

The website is very well conceptualized. It is informative and a feast for the eyes both intellectually and aesthetically.
We wish you many more laurels and feathers to your cap as life moves on. I loved your motto about living life to the fullest ,believing in it completely.

  Arundhati Kakati
1st March, 2012